1st junior college All-America game to take place in December

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1st junior college All-America game to take place in December

Louanna Faine

On Dec. 13, 2008, the first ever national Junior College All-America game will take place at Chandler High School. Triumphant Sports are expecting over 7,500 fans from all over the United States to attend this football game. Triumphant Sports has invited 85 of the top players from different Junior colleges to play in the All-American Game.

“The JUCO All-American from California face off with NJCAA All-American Team representing the rest of the country,” said Brian Daniels, the vice president of public relations for Triumphant Sports.

All proceeds from this event will go to the Boys and Girls Club of the East valley.

There are many different goals for the event, according to CEO of Triumphant Sports, Alex T. Stone.

“The goal is not only to find scholarships for our students athletes, but to promote business, which have vested interest in assisting a good cause such as this,” Stone said.

There will be two members of the Mesa Community College football team participating in this nation wide event, linebacker Zach Hernandez and wide receiver Terrance Moore.

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