No one is safe in new season of Walking Dead

Nikki Waldmann
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Nikki Waldmann Mesa LegendThe Walking Dead has taken us viewers on some bumpy rides these past six seasons.  Between fighting the Governor for the claim of the prison and loosing, finding out Terminus was not a safe place; that in-fact the people of Terminus were cannibals looking for their next tasty meal. But the members of Rick’s gang may have finally found their “safe haven” they can call their own, known as Alexandria, the safe zone.  Alexandria took some time to find for Rick’s group who has been searching for a place to call home.  Beginning of season 6 the crew was brought into Alexandria and were tested to see if the group belonged and they did. Turns out the people of Alexandria really needed the help of Rick Grimes and his group; they just didn’t know it yet.  As the season progresses the place that Rick and the group have now called their new home gets invaded with walkers.

walking dead bannerAt the midseason 6 finally we were left to find the group stuck and trapped inside Alexandria with dozen of Walkers everywhere, viewers were left to think this new place would be destroyed.  The season 6 midseason premiere was a fan favorite that left viewers wanting more like usual, with over 13.7 million viewers according to Entertainment weekly.  The season 6 premiere started exactly where the group was left, in a zombie herd in the town of Alexandria. The show is now coming on its third episode of the midseason on Sunday Feb 28, and viewers are liking where the season is heading since now the show seems to finally be matching the famous graphic novel that started it all.

The show didn’t always follow the graphic novel word for word, but the writers of the show did change things such as switching character deaths and prolonging other character lives. But viewers were shocked by the episode “No Way Out,” where they found a lot of similarities to the comic such as the death of Ricks current love interest Jesse and her family.  The biggest shock of the entire episode was Carl getting shot, many viewers were unsure that the show was going to go through with how the comic portrayed Carl getting shot but the show pulled through.. As for the episode “The Next World,” we were given a nice sigh of relief with a calmer episode rather than massive killings.  Even on the show Talking Dead they explain the episode was a nice breather episode. With a few laughs as we the viewers gotten to meet Jesus and for a few of us who had a good cry to see Deanna as a walker.

For the upcoming episodes viewers wonder how much more will the show go word for word from the graphic novel.  With Negan, a character who is soon to grace us with his presence, who is one the most notorious villains in the graphic novel viewers are scared for Rick’s group.  For anyone who is a fan of the comics they all know that Glenn is killed by Negan, but fans are predicting that the show will change the killing over to another character: Daryl.  There have been memes going around all over social media for years now since the show started saying “If Daryl dies we riot,” but the producers aren’t scared of the warnings. The Walking Dead show is almost now caught up to the comics and only time will tell if the zombie apocalypse will have a happy ending

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