An Inept Hero saves the day

Ben Garcia

Certain genres of music have the ability to coax the body into uncontrollable body functions.

For example, a good bass line from a clean Dr. Dre west coast beat can make a head nod slightly from front to back and the pounding percussion and blaring horns of a salsa beat can lead to the temptation to hit the dance floor and dance the night away.

When Inept Hero hits the stage, with their AZ-punk-rock style, one has to try hard to avoid temptation to break something.

Inept Hero, who have been playing together for almost five years, started when they decided to start rocking out at parties that were thrown at bassist Beau Hancock’s house.

As Hancock put it, “We just threw out whatever songs we knew like Authority Zero, Sweet Home (Sweet Home Alabama) and I think we did Hey There Delilah, you know just whatever we could.”

The last four plus years have allowed Inept Hero to fine tune their sound.

They have been playing the bar scene and are ready to take the next step having just recently shared the big stage with acts like Flogging Molly and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at the St. Patrick’s Day show at Tempe Town Lake.

Ask the fellas where they see themselves in the next five years and they all share a similar answers.

They see themselves out on the road playing shows and showing fans love by giving them a great show.

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