Artist Profile: Adrian Wall

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Artist Profile: Adrian Wall

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Adrian Wall, a multi medium artist and musician based in New Mexico, creates art that reflects his indigenous heritage.  “I try not to intentionally produce work that relies on cultural background to be successful,” Wall said. “However, because of my cultural background, my work is subject to aesthetics, content, and materials that are influenced by being a person with tribal lineage.”  In early March, Wall returned to the Valley to share some of his pieces at the Heard Museum in Phoenix.  “I love coming to the Heard. It’s a chance to catch up with other artists and collectors. I always leave inspired by the work that the artists bring to the Heard show,” Wall said.  “For this show I brought a few pieces of blown glass, stone sculpture and some new jewelry,” he said.

A diverse artist, Wall has been working as a professional artist since his late teens.  “I’ve been making art since I was a child,” he said. “My family are all artists and I was taught to be creative very early.”  Despite his diversity, Wall said he doesn’t have a favorite medium or material.  “Creating the work is the important thing,” he added.  Wall said he also enjoys making music with his band, Innastate as well as creating digital art.“I do enjoy learning about new materials/mediums and figuring out how I could possibly have a unique voice using the medium,” Wall said. “I think that is the reason I am all over the place when I work.” Currently, Wall said he is playing music with Innastate and will be working in more art exhibits around the country including San Diego, Indianapolis, and Santa Fe.  To learn more about Adrian Wall and to view more examples of his art, visit



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