ASU implements new environmental approach to humanities certificate

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ASU implements new environmental approach to humanities certificate

Joesph Starkloff

Arizona State University recently established an environmental humanities certificate to further the education of students who wish to take a broader approach at understanding the interaction between humans and the earth.The certificate will be administered by the departments of English and interdisciplinary humanities and communication.

The certificate requires eight courses that are comprised of three English classes, one environmental humanities internship and four related electives to total the necessary 24 credit hours.

“It will be really attractive to any student who wants to take a humanities approach to sustainability,” said Joni Adamson, an associate professor at ASU.

Adamson stated that the classes will give students knowledge about the environment, the relationship between human culture and the environment and how to communicate the knowledge to the public.

Classes available to students will include unique subjects, such as the cultural history of landscaping.

The disciplines involved in the certificate will include anthropology, drama, film, geography, history, landscape design, literature, philosophy, photography, and religious studies.

Adamson stated that these diverse elements will give students a new perspective on the environment, and provide them with the tools they need to advance throughout several aspects of society.

“Any student who wants to make a difference in the world will gain several skills they need from this certificate,” Adamson said.

Information about the certificate can be found online at

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