Black History Month promotes equality

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Black History Month promotes equality

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Education of Black History in America, and especially in Arizona, has been traditionally limited to one month per year.

This February, inspiring speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. and footage from the Civil Rights Movement will undoubtedly ring through the halls of educational institutions around the country.

However, despite the already limited amount of time that is dedicated to the subject, there is another, more negative, side to Black History Month that is always addressed every year – by its critics.

Opponents have a few redundant arguments against Black History Month, but the most popular used every year is that, in order to be “equal” there must also be a “White History Month.”

Despite being offensively invalid, this argument ultimately ignores the fact that white people were never forcibly enslaved for hundreds of years and then “legally” discriminated against after their natural freedoms were finally granted to them.

Instead of whining, as if some injustice is being had in the name of fairness, let the critics put down their masks of ignorance and actually celebrate along with the rest of the world, the spirit of resilience, faith, courage, and the stories of unyielding strength that black history tells.

We are not a nation, nor a planet, that was built and settled by white hands alone. Let us not forget the true and not so polished “American” history whose prejudices and maltreatment of certain populaces has still not been, and could probably never be, completely rectified.

It is time to recognize when privilege and ignorance help further the triviality of a sensitive, but vital moment in time when our nation, and the world, takes time to appreciate black history in America; that is American history. February is not a month solely dedicated to Valentine’s Day, but 28 days which provide the opportunity for the advancement of equality.


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