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Brianna Martinez

Blogs are becoming more common for people to get their information from. Although, some information may be false or misleading, a good portion of bloggers have proven to submit legitimate information.

Popular blogs include sites like,,, and

Giovanna Bernasconi, 18-year-old MCC student, says gossip blog websites are easier to keep up with than watching the news or buying magazines.

“It’s like buying Us Weekly but more accessible because it is on the Internet and the sites usually get updated every two hours,” Bernasconi said.

Many blogs do have their upsides, but they also have some downsides too.

Some bloggers have found themselves in lawsuits for displaying false information.
One famous blogger, Perez Hilton, has found himself in a $7.5 million lawsuit for copyright infringement by a Hollywood photo agency.

The famous blogger put up photos that were taken by the photo agencies website without permission, the agency claims.

There are also downsides for the celebrities that are harshly targeted in these blogs.

But despite the trash talking, people still continue to use those blogs as their main celebrity gossip source.

Crystal Tate, a 19-year-old University of Arizona student, thinks gossip blogs can be hurtful to celebrities but reads them to find out the latest news in the celebrity world.

“When there are hurtful things posted about celebrities on blogs, I usually feel bad for them, unless it is Britney Spears.

“But I have to keep up with latest celeb gossip,” Tate said.

Many people seem to find amusement in those sites and some feel as though it is a necessity to check certain blogs everyday.

“I know some people that check everyday, even more than their e-mail,” Tate said.

Another new popular blog is John McCain’s daughter’s.

Megan McCain has a public blog,, in which she talks about her father’s presidential campaign.

She includes details and pictures about where they go campaigning and who they meet.

Blogs are a way for people to express themselves and people use it for good and bad.

There is much debate about whether bloggers should be held accountable for what they say or if they are protected to say anything under the First Ammendment.

Bruce Peterson, an MCC communications instructor, thinks blogs are a good idea for students to use for a class, especially podcasts.

“Over the next two years I am going to be incorporating podcasting into my classes and sometimes bloggers have podcasts in which the student will be able to read the blog as well as listen to the podcast,” Peterson

He also said that he himself does not really read blogs, but if he were more familiar with them he would most likely incorporate them with his classes.

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