Board in search of how to fund 2010-11 budget

Parisa Amini

Enrollment is up, but a recent meeting of the Chancellor’s Executive Council led to discussion about the future budget of the Maricopa Community Colleges.At a regularly scheduled meeting of the CEC, the next course of action for the budget, was to plan and assess for the future.

A budget adoption will not occur until June 2010, but the possibility of more cuts is looming.

Those involved in assessing the budget were told to begin the planning process.

Models of “what might happen” will be made in order to determine a direction the colleges will need to take.

Discussions are only beginning and, according to Debbie Thompson, vice chancellor of business services, it is too early to tell.

“At this time, there are no recommendations,” Thompson said.

The possibility of tuition and property tax increases has not been suggested at this time, but the stance is uncertain.

Any increases would offer new revenues, but the quantity lies in question.

Statewide budget cuts have already lowered MCC funding. That amount is expected to decrease further in the next wave of spending decisions.

The district director of marketing and communications, Tom Gariepy, said, however, that no conclusions about the budget can be made.

“We’re a couple of months away from any decisions,” Gariepy said.

The community colleges of Maricopa have seen a nearly 25 percent increase in fall admissions.

Even with increased enrollment at MCC, cuts will need to be made.

“Numbers are up, tuition’s up, but so are costs,” Thompson said.

With an increased number of students, comes the need for more money to aid in their education.

The question of where cuts will be made depends on their impact.

Small changes like energy efficiency and usage was mentioned as one small solution and that turning off lights could help reduce some spending.

Thompson said careful review of the current budget will determine where the appropriate reductions will take place.

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