Can the Thunderbirds please get some love?

Leslie Philp

For the record, the baseball game this past Tuesday, April 12, was my first sporting event ever to see at MCC. I was surprisingly a little shocked at the turnout.

Where the heck is everyone!?

Friends and family were the only people sitting on the bleachers, decked out in Thunderbirds memorabilia, while cheering on the players.

Let me just say, there was a grand total of eight people on the opposing team’s bleachers and none of them were wearing anything that represented their team!

The MCC Thunderbirds do have team spirit going for them. But where is the good sportsmanship?

Maybe it’s because I’m new to this, but when a batter gets hit in the face with a ball, isn’t it common courtesy for the pitcher to apologize?

Or at least throw out there, “Hey, I feel for you man,” instead of standing back and watching him fall to the ground.

MCC sporting events, from my standpoint, are on the under attended side of things.

I say that, not to take away from the teams or discredit them in any way, but because there are hardly any people out there.

The game itself is exciting if you’re on the winning team, but this game in particular was all MCC and the Glendale Gauchos was not a worthy opponent.

Where is the love?

The answer to that question is not here.

If people were more proactive with attending sporting events and students would get involved with more clubs on campus, then there would be more MCC spirit overall.

Get your butts out there and go to a game!

Come on T-Birds, I know you’ve got in it in you!

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