The main entrance of the library on campus at MCC on February 22, 2023. (Photo by Jordan Bell)

Care Team to take over organization of “We Care Wednesdays”

“We Care Wednesdays”, a monthly event at Mesa Community College, continues to serve students while under the Student Life’s management, though soon will be switched to a new department.

This semester, Student Life is organizing new multicultural programs on campus at MCC. The Care Team, a group that provides students with basic needs, is in the process of taking full control over “We Care Wednesdays”.

The transfer of departments, although a thorough process, was a decision that gave Student Life more time with other programs, as well as another way for the Care Team to continue to provide resources to students. 

Beth Ann Wright, program advisor for Student Life, was coordinating “We Care Wednesdays” at the Southern and Dobson campus for two years, including throughout the pandemic. 

Wright organized a contactless drive-thru to achieve easier distribution of goods for the students that attend “We Care Wednesdays”. 

Wright is currently training a new person from the Care Team to take on the role as coordinator, Adam Soto. 

“Adam Soto– He is very dedicated to helping students as well–he wants to do the work and is excited to do the work and cares a lot about students,” said Wright. 

Soto is a program analyst for the Care Team, and will soon be the coordinator of “We Care Wednesdays” and the Mesa Market. 

“My role with the Care Team is to help students access resources on campus or in the community to keep them or get them back on track with their academics and completing their degree,” explained Soto. 

“Having that at their fingertips and being able to have that be part of their program just made a lot of sense for us. It also has to do with that student life is taking on a lot of multicultural programming because of the work that we do with events and the work we do with the clubs,” said Wright.

With the expected transfer, there are not any big changes that will affect We Care Wednesdays. Soto plans to carry on with the standard schedule, and possibly incorporate new techniques as well.

“Well hopefully they should expect the same level of customer service, the same level of having food ready to go– I think we have some ideas for different ways to engage students,” said Soto.

Both departments are drafting important documents to finalize the switch. It is essential to Student Life that the process is not rushed and negatively affect We Care Wednesdays.


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