Census provides resourceful opportunities for community

Walt Porter

As citizens of this great nation we can better tomorrow by providing a minor, yet important civic duty.
We have entered a new era of technology and innovative order to take accurately complete our 2010 Census.
Data affect college and university tuition grant and loan programs. Businesses make sound decisions about recruiting, which can lead to jobs upon graduation.
Ultimately, this brings jobs and opportunities for students. The tasks aren’t too demanding and are flexible to the students schedule.
For every resident counted, the state will receive anywhere from $1,000-1,500.
The national return rate in 2000 was 67 percent, but Arizona only received 58 percent.
Higher return rates means more federal funding for the state.
Since population dictates political representation at state and federal levels, an accurate count is important.
The process for completing the census should take about 10 minutes. It’s a new form with not as many pages for work to fill out.
There are positions available for temporary work and good pay. Also , it would be some valuable work experience to include in a resume. For more information, visit

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