Compromise ballots force revote in presidential election

Kevin Bonneville

The elections for Mesa Community College’s student body officers took place on March 31 on the Red Mountain campus and April 1 on the Southern and Dobson campus.The elections for the positions of vice president and satellite commission chair went smoothly. Only one candidate ran for each position and both received the one vote needed in order to win the election.

However, according to a statement released by Zona Bailey, the Student Life and Leadership Program Specialist and advisor to ASMCC, “the voting for the position of president was compromised.”

The three candidates running for president were Independent Sen. Sam Babalola, Gregg Jackson and ASMCC’s current Vice President Spencer Morgan.

Although it is still under investigation, according to Earl Guenthner, the current president of ASMCC, there were complications with the voting booth. A formal complaint was filed with the dean of student affairs, Kathleen Perales.

Babalola said that those who were running the voting booth were influencing voters on who to vote for while voting was taking place.

ASMCC has said that a revote will be held for the position of president, but nothing else.

Bailey’s statement said that “We believe a revote on the president’s position is the solution for us to maintain the legitimacy and integrity of the student election process.”

The revote will be done electronically through the software called Survey Monkey. Students will be given the information through a massive E-mail through the SIS system, as well as through flyers that will be handed out by the three candidates and announcements in classrooms throughout the campus.

Students interested in voting will have to click on a link and input their student ID in order to be able to vote. The voting will run through April 20-22.

“We are looking to mimic the number of students that came out on April 1 at Spring Fling. Our goal is to get 400,” Guenthner said.

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