Corporate America: Stop taking over sports!

Aaron Dunton

Just last month, Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, had its naming rights put up for sale. Yes, Wrigley Field. The historic field that many baseball fans hold dear to their heart up for sale, just like that.

Can you imagine taking your kids to “Motorola” field, formerly known as Wrigley.

What about “Quik Trip” stadium, or “Colgate” park. Can we agree that Chicago would never be the same.

Then I thought to myself, what has the sports world come to?

Corporations have taken the sports world by storm by putting their name on any and every stadium front possible.

I was ok with this at the beginning. A new stadium gets produced, and “Charmin” or “Pink Taco” wants to brand their name on it, fine. Be my guest.

I’ll forget the fact that “Charmin” is a toilet paper while I’m stumbling through the gates to watch my favorite team.

But changing the names of historic stadiums, parks, and fields? That is where we’re crossing the line.

There are some things that shouldn’t be messed with.

Any sports fan will tell you that Wrigley Field’s name is not to be messed with.

The same goes for Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Soldier Stadium, Lambeau field, the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum, and Madison Square Garden. The list goes on.

These are the same stadiums our grandparents skipped school and church for.

The same stadiums many sports fans grew up idolizing.

The same stadiums that were the homes of our parents first date.

“Hey, did you know our first date was at Fenway Park son?” “Isn’t that Tampax field now dad?”

Do you get my point here?

Invesco ruined Mile High Stadium. Yes, believe it or not, the famous stadium name is now Invesco Field at Mile High.

Give it two years and the Mile High at the end will be gone.

Just like that. A notorious stadium name taken over by a corporation!

And can we at least put a screening process on these corporate names please.

Do the Cardinals really play at University of Phoenix Stadium? The Coyotes at Arena. Seriously?

The San Francisco Giants now play at SBC park, the Padres at Petco park, the Pirates at PNC park, the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

And now we’re starting to have the same names for the same teams.

American Airlines Arena is the home of the Miami Heat. American Airlines Center is the home of the Dallas Mavericks.

These corporations are branding their names on each and every stadium possible and its ruining sports.

Not to mention, over half the corporations go out of business shortly after they do so, forcing us to once again change the name.

Bank One Ballpark here in Phoenix. Known as “BOB” to many. Not any more. Say hello to Chase Field.

America West Arena, the Suns home for over a decade. Not any more. Hi U.S. Airways Arena.

And that’s just here in Phoenix. The list goes 45 deep, with the notorious Enron Field/Minute Maid Park heading the class.

There is a simple solution to all this.
Get rid of corporate names on our stadiums.

Name it after a player, your team name, or just throw some fancy name on it. It all works.

Madison Square Garden did so and we all know how well that turned out.

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