Criticism; not always hate

By: Rene Gomez

“Hater” is a term that has grown like a tumor in our society and it needs to be treated immediately.

Accusing one of being a “hater” has been the go-to move for people who think that just because someone does not love you must mean they hate you.

Tracing the origin may not be easy, but the popularization of it most likely came from pop culture.

A musical artist (and I may be putting that kindly in some cases) will put out their brand new “hot album” that is supposed to blow every listener’s mind away; when it turns out someone is not raving about it they are a “hater.”

“Remember only God can judge ya; forget the haters cause somebody loves ya,” Miley Cyrus said in “We Can’t Stop.”

Google is a great resource to find evidence needed to prove a point and this is only one example; the article I found was titled “15 songs about ignoring the haters.”

When did people get so insecure about the approval of others?

Maybe it has been there all along, but at least those who actually did not care about the judgment of others were not so vocal about it because they truly did not care.

When you hear it thrown around now like it was free pizza for college students it just does nothing but prove one’s sensitivity to the slightest remark that is not keen on the ear.

If you really think about it deep down, why does one have to tell others they are drinking “haterade” because one is not comfortable with oneself?

If you really want to make an impact that has more tact with less energy expended then just turn the other cheek.

It is all about getting a reaction out of a person for self-gratification in most cases, but in others where maybe it is a person’s job to be a critic, it may or may not qualify.

See where it gets a little complicated now? More time is probably spent on addressing said “hater” than actually finding ways to enrich one’s own life.

I refuse to back away from this standpoint because it is not necessarily about me proving a point as much as it is providing a good piece of advice.

Of course we all live our lives by our own rules, march to the beat of our own drum, etcetera; no more clichés sorry.

Just focus on your own happiness and self-improvement because eventually you will need to have the ability to brush these things off; develop a thick skin because you will need it.

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