‘Crystal’ revives ‘Sailor Moon’ despite flaws

The highly anticipated ‘Sailor Moon Crystal” fails to live up to fans expectations

Nikki Waldmann
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Nikki Waldmann Mesa LegendDuring the 90’s Sailor Moon made way into dozen of homes across the globe.  With the very popular manga’s and the success from the popular animated series Sailor Moon became a global phenomenon.  In mid-1993 the first musical production of Sailor Moon premiered, and not long after that the Sailor Moon craze was everywhere!  Toy stores filled with Sailor Moon merchandise, Video games were made for the average gamer. Selma Bormann explains why she loves Sailor Moon “I started watching it with my sister and I was fairly young. I probably love it because of all the girl power and all the themes of it. I loved watching the girls kicking ass in mini skirts and them not caring about it.”

When she isn’t fighting crime by daylight Sailor Moon is known as Usagi Tsukino a 14-year-old middle school student who is a huge crybaby and sort of a klutz.  As the manga goes on readers later then find out that Sailor Moon is not alone, we come to find different Sailor Guardians who represent the different planets such as “Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus” and so on. It is now up to the Sailor Guardians to change time from repeating itself. Sailor Moon was such a huge success back in the 90’s that fans were wondering if any type of reboot would be coming out soon.

Sailor Moon character then and now. Although the art quality was greatly improved, ‘Crystal’ did not to impress the fans.
Although the art quality was greatly improved, ‘Crystal’ did not to impress the fans.

Fans were super ecstatic to find out that the manga/anime was going to be indeed rebooted for Sailor Moon’s twentieth anniversary.  July 5th Sailor Moon Crystal was released worldwide by popular demand that they bring back the clumsy super hero we all known to love.  Long time fans gathered around their computer screens with excitement for this new animated series, which was sticking very close to the mangas that were released back in 1991.  Fans who are now grown adults introduced this loving character to a whole new generation.  With hopes held high the first episode of Crystal was a huge success with a four out of five star rating on IMDB.

As the new series continued many viewers noticed the lack in artwork and proper creation to the show. Many viewers were disappointed with how rushed this new series was, many even found the show to be a joke by posting “meme’s” of the shows mess ups and commenting how much of a fail Crystal was. But true hard core Sailor Moon fans stuck by her side even when others weren’t all for this new reboot. Lita Krupp a long time Sailor Moon fan explains why she enjoys the new series. “As a Moonie, I’m very please in the direction they are going with it. First of all, it’s true to Takeuchi’s (despite a couple of changes the animators had to do),” said Krupp, “Secondly, it brings in a newer generation into see this amazing series that is close to my heart.”said Krupp.

As an artist herself, Lita takes inspiration for her work from the anime style of the show, as can be seen on her Instagram page under the username, “ART.STITCHERY”. The last aired episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was released July 18th of 2015 which ended the second arc of the series. On September 28th of 2015 it was said the third arc of Crystal will be aired in sometime the summer of 2016.

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