Ditch car for bike, save gas and receive a free breakfast

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Ditch car for bike, save gas and receive a free breakfast

Leslie Philp

Bike-to-Work Day is an event hosted every year in the city of Tempe on various different weeks of spring as well as in Canada and different states in the U.S to promote the option of bicycling to work. “We encourage residents or people who happen to work in Tempe to bike to one of our seven breakfast locations, get a free breakfast, a free T-shirt, and then bike ride on to work,” said Sue Taffee, Community Outreach Marketing Coordinator.

Every week leading up to the Bike-to-Work Day event, national, regional, and local cycle groups encourage people to try bicycle commuting as a form of exercise and a safe alternative to driving.

All of the breakfast locations are in Tempe, but Taffee said the bike ride may be longer depending on where people are biking from.

“Well, it depends on where your (biking) from because you’re biking to a breakfast location of your choice of the seven (locations) that provide the free breakfast, so it depends on where you live and which location you want to bike to,” Taffe said. “For instance, one of them is at Whole Foods, which is at Rural and Baseline so if you live near there it may only be a couple blocks (to the breakfast location).”

The 20th annual Bike-to-Work Day will be held on April 20 starting at 6:30 a.m. and last throughout the day. At 7 a.m. Mayor Hugh Hallman, as well as other Tempe City Council members, will be starting their bike ride.

“The Mayor will be leading the ride from Whole Foods Market to Downtown Tempe to The Center Bistro, that’s a pretty short ride,” Taffee said.

Taffee also said that if people reach their destination at Whole Foods, they are welcome to join Mayor Hugh Hallman in his bike ride to The Center Bistro in Downtown Tempe.

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