“Dragon Ball: Broly” pulls no punches

The latest film from acclaimed anime director Akira Toriyama, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, debuted in American cinemas for select dates starting on Jan 16th and extending through the week.

“Broly” is the newest entry in the Dragon ball Saga following the exploits of Goku and friends in “Dragon Ball: Super”

In “Broly” Goku and Vegeta encounter the Saiyan Broly, an opponent with strengths unlike they’ve ever seen.

“Star Trek” veteran Vic Mignogna signs on to voice Broly while DBZ mainstays Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat return to voice Goku and Vegeta.

“Broly” is an absolute monster of a film that features non-stop action and combat.

The choreography is the best it’s ever been in the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku and Broly brawl in the sea, on ice, in lava, and between dimensions.

As Goku and Broly battle it out across the screen a bombastic and triumphant score accompanies the fighting.

Rather than the traditional pop-synth leads of the Dragon Ball series we have a score with a gothic opera tone.

The score reinforces that “Broly” is not your standard Dragon Ball film. Aside from the lack of blood it’s also the longest film in the franchise.

While staying away from spoilers I will say that they story features a number of heartfelt and emotional moments along with moments key to the mythology of Dragon Ball.

Some details of that mythology are changed in this entry to the series.

Sections of Bardock’s past are changed to better fit Dragon Ball: Super and Broly’s backstory is slightly changed and past meetings with Goku are ignored.

The series also marks another pivotal moment in the series: the on screen debut of Goku’s mother.

“Broly” is one of the best film entries in the Dragon Ball series and will re-ignite the passions of lost fans and please existing fans.

The mythology of “Broly” may confuse those less literate to the Dragon Ball events.

For future U.S. theatrical releases of Japanese content visit the Fathom events website or check cinemas in your area.

If you missed “Broly” in your area be sure to see it soon on digital platforms where rentals are available. 

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