Electronic artist combines imagery with sound

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By: Michelle Chance

What is EDM? It is not just an acronym representing the genre of Electronic Dance Music. It is also a fast growing culture and massive obsession.

Although DJ music kick-started in Europe, its popularity in the United States has grown immensely.

Sold out shows at clubs, block parties and massive venues is proof that EDM is making a huge impression in the states.

Why? Because attending these shows guarantees two things: partying and having fun.

There are a lot of DJs in the industry, and for these artists it is necessary to incorporate themes in their shows to attract wild fans who have grown up in a visually and musically stimulated environment their whole lives.

It is no wonder then why one of the most popular entertainers in the music industry, Skrillex, has masses raving at his live shows.

For his Fall 2014 tour, Skrillex had his fans floating on air with his outer space themed set.

Two giant screens flashed graphics of aliens, planets, and galaxies during his performance, he then complimented his visual elements with astronomical space aged themed beats like samples from the Star Wars soundtrack, for example.

The merch sold at Skrillex shows are minimalistic hoodies, tees, and tanks that are draped in monochromatic black and white designs which mimic clean geometrical lines.

Skrillex performances are a shining example of what a successful EDM show should be: striking and relevant visuals, fun dance music, and cool merch, all of which cohesively represent a branded theme.

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