For non-coffee drinkers, The Street offers smoothie options

Leslie Philp

Artists, writers, cartoonists and the average person that can work a pen are all welcome to stop by The Street Boba Café in Mesa, Ariz. for a smoothie and an opportunity to write on the walls.”(Boba) is also known as tapioca bowl but it has no flavor to it, it’s just the gummy bear feeling of it,” said Destiny Lauvar, a café employee.

“Boba is . what we put in the smoothie. With boba you can get the drinks (and) fruit smoothies, tea . it usually comes with the drink,” she said.

Jean Lee has been the owner for seven years and said the reasoning for the writing on the walls is because she wants people to feel like they are walking down the street when they walk in to get a drink.

“(These are) mostly Asian drinks, Chai Tea, milk tea, green tea,” said owner Jean Lee. “Actually (this idea) is from Taiwan and we learned it in California and then we started the business (in Arizona).”

Lee feels the best item on the menu is Diamond Ice and the different kinds of tea that can be ordered with boba. She also feels that these items set her café apart from others.

“We (offer) drinks and we do ramen . (Diamond Ice) is shaved ice with fruits and toppings with condensed milk,” Lauvar said.

Ramen noodles and Diamond Ice are the types of food they serve at The Street Boba Café as well as the different types of tea and smoothie drinks.

Lauvar has been working for The Street Boba Café for six months and she plans to leave a little of herself behind by adding her artwork to one of the walls.

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