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How can students get a good job with nothing but a few years of college under their belt? Career Services Specialist Debby Smith explains that internships are a great way to pursue a desired job.

“Nearly 90 percent of internships lead to future full-time employment,” she said.
The company itself may not provide the job after the internship, but rather the connections that students usually end up with after they finish training.

To find an intern opportunity, MCC Career and Re-Entry Services recommend examining the degree program and find out what the prerequisites are.

Once that is done, the MCC Career Center can help students write a professional resume and gather the letters of recommendation.

They also provide a list of different job search websites and useful tips on where to look for a desirable occupation.

It might take time for the desired job offer along but it is important to be patient and keep applying because something will eventually come up.

Once you’ve caught someone’s eye, the most important step comes next.

The interview is a chance to see the employer face to face and let him know who you are and prove that you would be the best choice for the job.

Several employers shared their ideas on how to impress them, what they like, and what might disappoint.

Audra Roulet, a trauma nurse who hires interns from the nursing program suggested, “Always be at least 15 minutes early, pleasant and smiling even if you are nervous as can be.

“Be polite, but don’t over kill it.If you want to work in a professional environment, then you should look professional. Shake hands, and be grateful for the possibility of the opportunity.”

To Scott Gibson, an independent commercial real estate broker, it is very important to see a potential employee’s real interest in the company.

He suggested taking the time to thoroughly research the business and the person that will conduct the interview.

“If an intern does not take the time to know my company or what I do, they are just going through the motions,” said Gibson.

He also said that as soon as he gets the intern’s resume, he makes an effort to visit their webpage, like Myspace or Facebook.

Civil Litigation Attorney Veronica Manolio explained that over-confident potential employee’s can ruin their chances of becoming an intern.

“Interns need to realize that their job is to be a sponge and to soak up as much information in as little time as possible,” said Manolio.

Students who are uneasy about an interview can practice with an adviser at the MCC Career and Re-Entry Center.

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