Haunted houses attract thrill seakers

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Haunted houses attract thrill seakers

Jessica True

It’s time once again for the haunted houses to open! Through out the valley many haunted houses are opening for operation. “This is my favorite time of year,” said ASU student Gabe Hernandez.

“There is something about haunted houses that make me go every year,” Hernandez said.

There are four haunted houses located on McDowell and the loop 101.

Check out Alice’s House of Nightmares, 3-D Fear Factory, Castle of Darkness, and Gold miner’s Revenge.

The Scottsdale haunted house has a snack shop and body glow store where they sell glow-in-the-dark jewelry and body glow accessories. There will also be psychic readings, palmistry, and tarot card readings.

“We recommend the attractions for 12 and older. However, we don’t require this, as everyone’s scare level is different.”

“It is difficult to set an age limit to this. We have had 40 year olds that run out and can’t handle the houses while a 7 year old absolutely loves it,” said an employee from the AZ Scream Park.

“We recommend you determine you own child’s scare level based on scary movies, etc. Another good way to judge is to come out to the event and hang out in the middle of the park. (There is no fee to enter the park just the ticket purchase for the attractions) We have monsters roaming about and with all the guests running and screaming you can usually tell real quick if your child is ready. The ticket is transferable should you purchase it and not enter.”

“Our haunted house boasts of a full 30 minutes instead of the usual 5 minutes because of their 2 acre plot, opens at 6 pm unlike other haunted houses that open much later, and is toned down for younger children,” said Kristy Smith marketing director of Monsterland in Mesa.

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