Hot diet trend resurrected from ’50s-’60s fad

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Hot diet trend resurrected from ’50s-’60s fad

Allison Palmer

For most girls summer means laying out every day by the pool, shopping to find a new bikini, and a crash diet to look as good as possible.One diet used since the ’50s has become popular again. The diet is called the HCG (human chorionic gonadorropin) diet, a hormone found in pregnant women.

John Olsen, a nursing professor at Arizona State University, said the hormone “manipulates homeostasis and . changes the body composition to get ready to feed a baby.”

When on HCG, people must follow a strict 500 calorie eating regimen. They eat specific foods cooked in a certain way and drink water only.

The dieter is also not supposed to exercise. HCG is taken in the form of drops or injections.

“There is no scholarly research on it, so we have no idea what the supplements are doing, if they are doing anything,” Olsen said.

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