‘Iron Fist’ show hits Netflix Superhero show that strikes balance between action and story

Kian Hagerman
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(Cartoon: Gabriela Juarez / Mesa Legend)
Cartoon/ Gabriela Juarez / Mesa Legend/

Fans of kung-fu films will enjoy the choreography, which was better than average for television and comparable to another of Netflix’s Marvel shows, “Daredevil.” Finn Jones stars as Danny Rand, a man who has returned to New York after being orphaned and raised in a monastery, trained to fight and take the mantle of the immortal Iron Fist. Much of the beginning of the show is spent introducing the audience to the significant characters that the story revolves around, while also providing plenty of action which keeps the pace brisk.

A highlight is a fight between Rand and a Hand defender who uses drunken boxing techniques that include striking with a wine bottle in a flurry of hits. The “Iron Fist” could have taken more risks, and benefited from the more liberal use of special effects to highlight the mystical nature of Rand’s power. Though his struggles against average thugs may seem odd, in the context of the plot it does makes sense that he isn’t as accomplished a fighter yet, having left in the middle of training to use his power.

I liked the use of scenery in the show; handprints on windows are associated with the Hand early on, and it keeps one thinking about what is going on in the story. The foreshadowing for upcoming “The Defenders” team-up is occasional and heavy-handed, though nothing about how the heroes meet each other is revealed in “Iron Fist.”  Initially, a tale of a man seeking answers about why his life turned out how it did, some aspects of the plot reminded me of Alexandre Dumas’s novel

“The Count of Monte Cristo” as the years of intrigue are revealed to Rand in his struggle to regain his inheritance.
Not the typical crimefighter in tights, the tone and style of the show share a lot in common with the rest of the Netflix superhero stable. For those looking to get into a series that shares a common universe with other quality shows, “Iron Fist” is no-frills fun that doesn’t mess with a proven formula.
Kian Hagerman

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