Jerry Walker to be challenged for governing board position

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Jerry Walker to be challenged for governing board position

Joseph Starkloff

Maricopa Community College governing board secretary Jerry Walker will be up for re-election during the upcoming November ballot, and his likely challenger will be Dana Saar. Walker, who represents Maricopa district two, has held a spot on the board since 2004.

Saar, a former Fountain Hills Unified School District governing board member, stated he decided to enter the election due to the current condition of the governing board.

“I had a chance to visit a board meeting in November where they discussed the status of how they were progressing toward a number of board goals . and (over the time span the reports were based off of) there was really no progress made of any substance,” Saar said.

Walker disagreed with Saar’s interpretation of the board’s progress.

“This board is not an administrative board at all . there’s nothing the board can do except write policy … it’s up to the administration to work with us to accomplish that policy. . If that policy doesn’t get accomplished, it’s because it was wrongly interpreted,” Walker said.

Saar credited his past work experience as proof of his greater understanding of the education system than Walker.

“I’ve got more educational experience than Jerry . I’ve got my masters in education. I’ve been a teacher and assistant principal in the East Valley,” Saar said.

Walker stated he had no doubts about his credentials as a board member.

“As far as qualifications are concerned, I’m a 28-and-a-half-year veteran of the military service . I’ve completed five college degrees, one of those is a masters degree in psychology . I have (also) been an adjunct professor,” Walker said.

Saar stated his main objective would be the improvement of the Maricopa Community College system.

“I want the opportunity to work with other board members . administration and staff to really make Maricopa Community College District as good as it was and can be,” Saar said.

Walker summarized his tenure and major focus as service to the community.

“An elected board is supposed to reflect the values of the community around us . That’s what I’ve been doing, is respecting the values of the community that I represent,” Walker said.

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