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Jessica Jones Cast - Peabody Awards - Jana Lynn French - Melissa Rosenberg - Carrie-Anne Moss and Krysten RitterSeason 2 of the Netflix original series “Jessica Jones” released on March 8, and takes a deeper look into how exactly the protagonist Jones (Krysten Ritter) came to have the superhuman abilities that she possesses. Part of the stable of Netflix Marvel shows that focus on characters from the company’s cast of comic book heroes, Jessica Jones returns to a decidedly more mundane set of problems following the events of “The Defenders.” Those looking for a grand narrative on the scale of that show might be disappointed at just how different the story being told here is, though not by any failing of the show to communicate what it is about.

The setting of New York City remains the same, and a large number of the cast returns to again tackle the roles they played in season one. This season has a number of unexpected character arcs for returning cast members, some like Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) that almost seem at odds with how they were portrayed previously. Others like Jones’ neighbor and confidante Malcom Ducasse (Eka Darville) were more tragic than entirely out of character, and Ducasse was skillfully played by Darville. And this is where the unevenness of season two first becomes painfully obvious.

Much of what happens from episode to episode makes little to no sense, and the motivations for the oftentimes extreme actions taken by characters we have come to like are murky at best.
The locations used are decidedly dark and dingy most of the time, and place the viewer in the parts of New York City that few aside Jones dare tread. The use of the camera to tell the story is done with adequate flair for the dramatic, though it does not stand out as anything truly remarkable.  I liked the parallel storyline involving Hogarth (Carrie Anne-Moss) and the difficulties of remaining in her position of power, and how it tied into the main plot made sense most of the time.

One of the many links between the plethora of Netflix Marvel shows, Hogarth remains just as blunt and forceful as ever. These characters serve to enrich the world that the shows are based in, and my only critique is that I hope the other shows use them like this season did. The pacing of the show was tight, and the entire run did not overstay it’s welcome, individual issues aside. Some of the topics addressed in the show, and the focus on the women in it, are a breath of fresh air in the genre that will hopefully stick around a while longer. I have high hopes that the series will turn things around and address some of the issues of the second season, and thought that the finale did leave the potential for something better in the future.

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