Jokers Galore

Superheroes and villains are the perfect escape from our very mortal universe. The average citizen, turned superpower, can conquer all odds with dark punchlines and amazing story twists.


The problem I have is DC universe has told the story of the Joker in multiple different ways, creating separate universes that clash together in an untimely manner.


We all know sequels and sagas are very common in today’s movie industry. These types of movies don’t have a finish line, manipulating the audience to feel involved on a personal level and return for future films.


The Joker’s character reveals the same craze as the Beatles and their mania period. I am also a victim of the Joker’s charisma and appeal of the psychotic villain. But, I don’t need a ton of solo movies about a character who has shined for decades.


Suicide Squad was an epic failure for DC universe, despite making $745 million at the box office. The movie consists of poor lines, terrible plots, and a major focus on Harley Quinn and The Joker’s romantic escapades, which pretty much took over the entire movie….and Hollywood. With the obvious truth out the way, I believe it is safe to notice the amount of joker movies being released within the next year is absolute overkill.


If Suicide Squad did not turn into a solo show for the Joker’s love life, maybe these other movies would make sense. Wrapping stories together  makes the entire experience beautiful, but DC displays that in a very confusing format.

When a movie trailer creates all kinds of hype and glory by tugging the heartstrings of DC fanatics and fails miserably, wouldn’t you try to redeem yourself as a director?


Desperately, the race to derail Marvel is in full effect. Heath Ledger was the first actor, since Jack Nicholson, as the Joker in 20 years. Even then, there was still a mysterious factor for this villain.


No one stood in Ledger’s place playing Joker “number two” while he was alive. But as of now, Joaquin Phoenix has been put on the same platform as Jared Leto, both playing the Joker while existing in two different universes in the same decade.


Leto and Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, are set to have their own romantic movie. So to me, it does not make any sense to place a new actor in the origin Joker movie when the story could have easily been told by the one who took on the face of the Joker in 2016. Of course, that is without considering The Killing Joke, an animated narrative of where it all began.


Now Phoenix and Leto will have to share the throne and sit back while viewers pick them apart in a comparison war.


It is time to give another villain in the DC Universe an opportunity to takeover mainstream tabloids and win the hearts of all comic book and movie fans around the world.

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