Judge shoots down parts of SB1070: MCC president speaks out

Joseph Starkloff

On July 28, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled against many of the provisions in Arizona’s SB 1070. reported that the ruling removed aspects of the law such as immigrant’s requirement to carry “alien-registration papers,” mandating officers to attempt to determine the immigration status of a stopped or detained individual.

Bolton’s ruling also removed making it illegal for undocumented individuals to solicit or apply for work, and warrantless arrests of individuals who show probable cause of committing a offense that makes them “removable from the United States.”

The site reported that Gov. Jan Brewer appealed Bolton’s ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. On Nov. 1, the appeals court is expected to hear arguments.

After the original signing of SB 1070, MCC President Shouan Pan released a public statement.

In the letter he stated that, “as public employees, we have an obligation to follow the law. However, it must be understood that SB 1070 does not prevent anyone from enrolling in the Maricopa Community Colleges . In compliance with Arizona Proposition 300, we verify the legal status and in-county residency of all students . Students whose legal status cannot be established are assessed the out-of-state tuition.

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