Kanye is one of the most prolific prefomers in recent history

Seth Ponzo
Mesa Legend

3028703779_f1fe689bfd_o-1Kanye west is often portrayed in the media as somebody who will get people thinking “Oh no, what did he do again?”.  He often doesn’t watch what he says and plays off a big ego that turn off quite a bit of people from looking deeper into him. Truthfully, Kanye West is one of the most innovative and important artists and creators of the 21st century. Because of the way he is talked about in the media, many people will not get the opportunity to really understand what he is trying to do for our world and our society.

Many people may not realize it but Kanye West has helped mold and change how we listen to pop music today. Kanye’s fearlessness to experiment and try new ideas has helped shape a new sound in hip hop and pop music and many artists are following in his footsteps. Kanye encourages creatives to keep striving to accomplish your goals break any barriers that may come along. During the VMA’s last year, Kanye received the Vanguard Award and gave a 13 minute long speech that most people did not take very seriously because of what the media makes him out to be.

Kanye West was on that stage saying some of the most progressive and important things that our society needs to hear and if the media and society keeps shutting him out, his great ideas will never be taken seriously. During the speech Kanye explained that “this is a new age and a new mentality. We need to teach our kids to believe in themselves and not try and control them with brands and low self-esteems”. He was also explaining on stage that entertainers and artists are put into such a small box in order to fit what society wants and he encourages artists and creatives to think outside of the box and make music that they love rather than what will sell.

Kanye says on stage, “I will die for the art and I will die for what I believe in. The art is not always going to be polite”. Our world needs more artists that are willing to stand out and speak their minds rather than be quiet and say what they are told. The media for so long has been ripping on his ego; however, in his speech he claimed “I don’t know what is going to happen to me, but it’s not about me, it’s about new ideas and people who believe in truth”.

Kanye ended this speech with announcing that he was running for president in 2020 and that is all the media seemed to focus on rather than his extremely positive and important message. Kanye West stands up for creatives and artists and encourages them to not just do what they are told and how to think. He challenges what we understand as the norm and it is progressive thinkers like him who are making big changes for our country and our world. The media is always going to make Kanye is against the modern day media and that is why they are going to do whatever they can to steer people away from his good ideas and make him seem like a fool all of the time.

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