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Doing good can be infectious

Image of to Knights on horseback. One in shining armour and represents the word Character. The other is hodgepodge armour and on a fake wooden horse and represents the words Wealth, Fame and Trendy
Illustration by Sebastian Miguel

One of the most important things in our lives as human beings is the acceptance of our peers.

What we lean on so confidently for acceptance is how popular we are or what we can do to make our outer appearance more attractive to the world.  Looks and popularity can make a person attractive but those things are temporal. There is no promise that what is on the outside will last.

However, a person who keeps his character in check in his or her youth can have confidence that great character can last a lifetime.  The sooner we learn to train up ourselves in maintaining strong character, the more we will be able to stick with it.  We maintain strong character by maintaining good works which means we extend a helping hand when needed, give our time, shelter the broken hearted, go the extra mile, and so on.

In doing so, we realize we don’t need ten thousand friends on social media nor do we need fancy cars or clothes for people to want to be around us. But a person who does what is right all the time can surpass the most wealthy and brightest person in being loved by others though he is poor.  As a result, you cause people to be imitators of those things.  People will follow the examples of those they love and admire.

We are interesting creatures in that we love imitating each other all the time.  And if we should do so, let us leave an example that would be worthy of imitating.  Too often do we let the negative in this world take the spotlight. We will always have hardships but they don’t have to overcome what is good.  Do good meaningful acts when you can, however you can, with whom ever you can.

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