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The effort to become socially connected

Illustration by Sebastian Miguel

Facebook is now trying to help offer suicide prevention resources by sending notifications to users who may post something that may appear suicidal. It’s a big sign that if social media is getting in the act of reaching out to people then we as a society are very much disconnected. It is not hard to put this statement to the test. When was the last time a stranger said “Hello” or” Good morning” to you as you passed by in public?  Chances are not very often. Even giving so much as a smile as we walk by anyone in public isn’t so much the norm anymore.

The issue goes even deeper than public scenarios. How much do we share with family members?  Not that we should express every single little detail about our lives but how much do we share with our brothers, sisters, mother, father, or spouse?  One of the main reasons we don’t often invest into one another’s lives is that to do so is very much hard work. It takes quite a bit of effort to love, care for, support, and understand one another.  We don’t want to make too much effort as that would take away from our own time.

If we are serious about helping one another cope with our struggles to prevent things such as suicide then we have to understand that it might take staying up late nights with someone.  But the likelihood that we should ever be in that kind of a scenario is very slim.   Nevertheless, there are ways of being connected as a family and society.  We can be there for one another, look to the interests of others rather than your own. Let friends and family know you care for them.  We can also be vocal about the conflicts in our lives to let others know they’re not alone in their struggles.

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