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What we need is people power

cartoonThere’s a story of a man who was boarding a train in Perth, Australia, who had slipped in the gap of a train carriage and the station platform where his leg got caught between the two. Passengers aboard the train quickly came to his aid to try and free his leg to prevent any serious injury from happening.  Those who came to his rescue used all their might to tilt the train away from the platform, and had success in setting his leg free.   Those who witnessed saw that because of the majority of people pitching in to help they were able to have victory in helping a fellow human being. Each of us possesses a special and unique ability whether we recognize it or not.

We know that the human body is supported and joined together by every ligament and each one does its part to getting work done. We as a people, when we recognize our special abilities, can accomplish a great task when we work together. So the first question we have to ask ourselves is, “what gift do I have?”  Our strengths can sometimes miss our awareness but with time and seeking out we know what they are and use them for the good of man.  The next question we ask ourselves once we know how we can contribute is “Am I simply a spectator or a participant in a great cause? “

We believe that because it isn’t happening to us individually that there is no need for us to get involved.  But we see throughout nature that even animals join together to accomplish a task, ants being a prominent example. Can a mere ant and his initiative outdo us because we can’t learn to work together?  If so, then let us look to the ant as our example that we may have people power.

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