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Sharing in the age of convenience

Gabriel Juarez/ Mesa Legend
Gabriel Juarez/ Mesa Legend

We are some very moody people these days. Like children, as one Bible verse puts it, we often times allow our emotions to be tossed to and fro like the waves or “carried about with every wind.” Whether we are nice and friendly or crabby and irritable all just depends on what time it is and on how we feel at that moment. But more true to the matter, it’s all really dependent on whichever is more convenient to us at the time.

Which still makes us children; the kind that knows how to behave when time comes to get what they want. And we live in an era of convenience which allows us to have it our way. Everything is designed to make us more comfortable and so hopefully more happy or satisfied with our lives. Such a lifesyle enables everyone to feel like their own mini king/queen.

Apps like Lyft, uber, and the latest, uber eats to name a few, enables us to do less, get what we want quicker and have others serve us doing it. It’s problematic to see it only in that way though; as one half doing it for the currency, and the other merely for convenience sake. We’re all guilty of it. You might get in the uber some days with headphones on as to avoid a conversation with the driver. “Shut up and take me where I need to go” is the attitude.

Or other times the attempts from the rider to communicate will fall flat to one worded answers from a driver who only sees a money deposit. The experience is most valuable when it feels as though you are on a small road trip with an old friend. Only difference being the ride ends with “it was a pleasure meeting you.”

A bit of humanity gets lost every time the opportunity to interact and make real connections with strangers, neighbors, friends and family becomes more about convenience than sharing. People are not your servants. Let’s keep the emphasis on sharing.Plus, while people can certainly be annoying, I’m not ready at all to substitute any of you for a machine or robot just yet.

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