Parking at MCC is horrible

The parking lots at MCC are cramped, and space needs to be made if the nightmare is to ever end.  Traffic throughout is impeded, often by those that seem to still be using the space to learn to drive. In reality, they are likely cruising with the hopes that someone they see walking away from campus will come to a nearby vehicle so that they can snag a spot close to the entrance. This process can take a comedically long time, often longer than it would to just park near the back of the lot and walk.

Unfortunately, even those spaces aren’t guaranteed, especially during times like the first few weeks of school when even online-only students are on campus to deal with enrollment, financial aid and other necessary processes of attending college. There are ways to avoid the issues with finding parking of course, like arriving early enough that few people are on campus. There is also something that the institution could do to alleviate the issue, like building a parking structure, which would maximize the use of parking lot space by adding vertical levels for additional vehicles.

Parking structures would also allow for a sort of two-way traffic to flow if built to accommodate it, perhaps cutting back on the time it takes for those following behind someone greedy for an ideal spot. Some parking structures are designed with multiple entrances and exits as well, which would make sense in the case of MCC because parking need not be metered or require payment upon exiting. The student body would get behind the idea of increasing available parking, with a greater portion of those attending affected by the issue than by some of the other outlets that MCC elects to expend their tuition on.

Something needs to be done because currently finding parking is a frustrating, sometimes futile experience that can make one late to class. Even faculty have trouble finding a place for their vehicle, which is madness given that whole lots, as well as large portions of others, are designated for their use. Offering online alternatives for core classes that aren’t already available, or offering classes at times other than the usual fare could also lessen the impact of this issue. If creative solutions are necessary, then perhaps addressing the issue directly with the student body could facilitate the formation of something that would work, or at least work better than what we have currently.

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