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Letters to the editor

It appears that fact checking is no longer considered best practice among the writers of the Mesa Legend. This is the conclusion that we, the representatives of the student body, have arrived at upon reading the most recent issue of the Legend. In it, Legend writer Jeff Moses launches a baseless and vicious attack upon the servants of the student population, the Associated Students of Mesa Community College. Based upon what we can only assume was a complete misreading of an ASMCC advertisement, Moses accuses the Student Government of compelling students to get involved in the organization “just because.” While it is true that the sign in question did make use of those words, it was specifically in reference to joining the ASMCC Facebook fan page.

It was also one in a series of (we thought) humorous advertisements trying to increase student awareness of our organization.

When approached regarding this issue, Moses asked what ASMCC had ever actually accomplished.

After informing him that we requested and paid for the campus’ new Water Filtration system, along with establishing and funding a new scholarship for Mesa students in need, he bluntly stated “I don’t care.” and left the room.

In his conclusion, Jeff Moses states that it is difficult to take oneself seriously as a student of a two-year institution. We, of the Associated Students, strongly disagree.

We serve because we are proud of this college, and we are proud of our peers: the student body. We DO care. The Associated Students are actively working to build a legacy that all students of the institution can be proud of.

-The Executive Board of ASMCC

Ryne O’Reilly, David Perry, Jennifer Bailey, Cornelius Cox

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