Lower drinking age not in best interest of anyone

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Lower drinking age not in best interest of anyone

Let us stop for just a moment and really think about what might happen if the drinking age is lowered to 18. Who will be at the bar? Everyone and their younger brother, that’s who.

Going out to the bar can already be a hassle when you have to fight all the crowds to get a drink.

Most bars only allow one ID, one drink.

So you wait in a long line for one drink and you have to repeat this all night.

And it would be a shame to snatch away the right of passage for all of the people 19 to 20, who have been waiting oh so long to finally reach 21.

Even if the bar is already rowdy and loud we don’t want high school students in there with us.

High school students do not have as much drinking experience as those who are 21 and older.

There is bound to be some unruly behavior even more so than there already is.

Many 18-year-olds are still in high school. What’s going to stop them from buying their freshmen friends alcohol?

Underage drinking will proceed to get worse.

The 21 and over who buy for minors now will soon be the 18 and older buying for even younger teenagers.

We need to set a limit somewhere, and it absolutely shouldn’t be at 18.

I mean do we really want Skateland to be the hot new bar in town?

We’re sure all the 18 year olds out there will be excited if they can drink publicly, but then what? Will everyone let their inhibitions free and will their drinking be accepted into our society so easily?

Will prom be serving drinks?

What would you do if you were still in high school and you got a DUI? There is a ridiculous amount of fines to pay plus jail time.

Surely teachers will understand.

Do we really want to increase the number of drunk drivers on the road? We don’t think it’s such a good idea to put a bottle in the hand of a new driver behind the wheel.

At 18, drivers have only had two years of driving experience at the most.

Every year thousands of teens die in car accidents. If alcohol is legally introduced to younger, inexperienced drivers, there is no doubt that number will increase.

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