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men's soccer players
Photos by Tania Ritko

photo Kian HagermanMCC athletics will be competing in a wide variety of sports this fall semester.
Though some have already begun playing against other schools, other sports will start in upcoming months. Women’s volleyball played their first game of the season Aug. 26, though they have played a few scrimmages prior to that.  “Our expectations are to go in, and to win. We’re not going to roll over for any teams,” said MCC women’s volleyball coach Matthew Werle. “We’ve had three-and-a-half weeks of preseason, and I think we are at a pretty good point where we are excited to go and compete.

” The majority of the volleyball team has little experience competing in the sport at the collegiate level.  “Coming off of last season, this is a very very fresh team,” Werle said. “We only returned two players, so we have twelve new faces on the court.”  Werle views each game his team plays as a chance to improve. “Every night that we step out on the court it’s another night to gain playing experience,” he said. Hopes are high for the team’s chances of success this season. “I think we’re that unknown team within the conference. We have the potential to be very successful,” Werle said. “We have some goals of our own, but we’re looking looking every night to leave proud of what we did, win or lose. Obviously with the expectations to go in every night and compete, and win.”

Men's Soccer playersThe players have expectations not only of success against the opposing team, but also in the classroom. “I pride myself in asking for a lot in academic success, even more so than volleyball,” Werle said. “Community college is still a stepping stone for a bigger picture. So, my goal is to get athletes in here, and out of here as quickly as possible. Whether that is one or two years… to move them in the right direction, of goals and dreams they might have for themselves.”  Volleyball will play a home game against South Mountain Community College on Sept. 2.

Both men’s and women’s soccer are a few games into their respective seasons. “We’re gonna work on dedication to get to the ball, and we just need to take any game that affects us, that we maybe didn’t like the outcome of, put it to the side and just work a little harder,” said women’s soccer goalkeeper Elisha Dietrich. “Maybe change a few things, and just strive to be great.” The soccer teams’ next home games are scheduled on Sept. 7 against Phoenix's soccer players

Basketball games will begin further into the semester.  Cross country competitors have meets in September and October, with the NJCAA National Championships for the sport scheduled on Nov. 14.  The second football game of the season is a home game, set for Sept. 5 against Glendale Community College, with the season continuing into November.

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