MCC prepares for homecoming festivities

Joseph Starkloff

On Oct. 23, MCC will host its homecoming game against the Glendale Gauchos at 7 p.m.From 5-7 p.m. MCC’s Events Programming Council (EPC) will hold the homecoming festival.

Mackenzie Miller, president of the EPC, discussed the festivities that are planned for the homecoming celebration.

“We’re going to have a tarot card reader . a basketball pop and shot . a big balloon obstacle course provided by Fun Runners . (and) a photo booth,” she said.

She detailed the expected size of the crowd and freebies that will be available to them as well.

“We’re expecting about 700 students, and that’s free food for the parents and the kids. We’re going to have a lot of family oriented things. We’re going to have Whiskey Ranch cater. They’re going to have a pulled pork sandwiches and free food for everyone who comes. (The EPC is) going to provide the free drinks,” Mackenzie said.

The T-bird mascot, who is currently nameless, will also receive a student selected name.

“Students have been filling out their name suggestions, and we’ll get together after Fall Bash . and we’ll formulate the five most picked names, and come up with (one). The student (whose suggestion) gets picked for the name will get a gift basket,” Mackenzie said.

She stated that the homecoming gala was also in honor of the T-bird.

“This is kind of a celebration for the T-bird, (and he) should be around the whole game. He likes being out at everything, and we’re thinking of making a recycling crown or something for the T-bird when he gets his name,” Mackenzie said.

EPC will be in charge of more than just the pre-game activities.

“We’re also in charge of halftime. What we’ve come up with is kind of like a recycling trivia game that the faculty and administration will be the contestants in that,” Mackenzie said.

She also expressed the importance of events that take place at MCC.

“I think it’s very important. I really want the vision to be that students can come and hang out on campus,” Mackenzie said.

EPC has been involved in other student activities as well.

They’ve organized events such as the Oct. 11 Fall Bash and Wii Wednesdays, which is where students we’re able to play on a provided Wii system in the Kirk Center.

Students who want to volunteer for the EPC can contact Zona Bailey at 480-461-7277.

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