MCC tattoo stories

Joshua Moreno

Tattoos have been used in modern society as a way to express ones individualality toward others.Andy Koernig, student at MCC, has three tattoos on his body.

The one on his upper left arm is a decomposing Leo which represents his zodiac sign.

“I did it to be unique,” said Koering, explaining the discomposure.

On his right arm below his shoulder sits a demon face surrounded by flames.

The Kenji caricatures for patience sitting above and loyalty sitting below.

“The demon’s supposed to represent my inner turmoil. As for the symbols, I have patience towards my demons, but no loyalty to them,” he said.

The skull on his chest just above his heart, though, was a last minute decision.

Alexa Alan has the word ‘Momadot’ on her wrist. It is her great grandmother’s name.

She also has three nautical stars on her ankles representing past, present and future.

“The small one is to represent little childhood, the middle one is to show my current existence and the large one shows the great future I’m looking for,” Alan said.

Anthony Almanza, an MCC student and employee at HTC Body Piercings, got his first piercing 20 years ago.

Almanza got a piercing in his philtrum, commonly called a medusa, which sits above the center of his lip.

Almanza is constantly being noticed for his two and a half inch gauged ears.

“It makes me more comfortable with myself. It links to some culture at every point in time. It’s a very universal thing to do. It’s no different than wearing your favorite pair of pants,” Almanza said.

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