Men achieve 1,000 wins

Andrew Sandoval
Mesa Legend

Andre mugshot BWThe MCC men’s basketball team has soared to new heights this week with their one thousandth game, taking a win in the final game of the season against their opponents the Tohono O’Oodham Jegos, 82-72. For fifty-one years MCC has been leading the charge in athletics, with not only its amazing roaster of talented players like Stephen Rodgers and Khari Holloway but its incredible coaching staff as well. From two time coach of the year, Ed Van Winkle who lead the men’s basketball to team to an ACAAC and Division Championship to Tom Bennet who took over as head coach in 1977 and in his twenty years lead the team to multiple ACAAC championships and one regional championship as well as remaining in first place in the regular ACAAC season ten times.

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MCC player looks to pass to Brandon Dixon. Photos by Tania Ritko

Today head coach Sam Ballard has lead the Thunderbirds to over 160 victories since 2008 including the most recent thousandth game victory and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In other related news a confrontation takes place at men’s basketball game, an altercation between some students from MCC and CGCC occurred after a game on last Wednesday night no one was injured and the issue was handled administratively. This weekend the Thunderbirds will be going to the regional playoff games and if they win those they will go onto play in the NJCAA championship with a shot at the title.Congratulations to those men and women who put in the many years of hard work which it took to earn that thousandth victory.

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