The Mesa Legend Editorial Board

Meet the team of MCC student editors. New leadership and veteran editors return this semester to report local and campus news.


Cartoon image of Joshua Bowling Editor-in-Chief
Joshua Bowling
“Before the semester I went through several old issues of the Legend,  all the way back to 1994.      sure I came into this semester with as much inspiration as possible”
image of Jannine Amore Up-to-Date Editor
Jannine Amore
Up-to-Date Editor
“I am beyond excited to be Mesa Legend’s new Up-to-Date editor. As an aspiring journalist, I couldn’t think of a better way to get my career on track.”
cartoon of Karlyle Stephens Opinions Editor
Karlyle Stephens
Opinions Editor
“It’s a blessing to be a part of the Mesa Legend team. I’m excited about being challenged creatively. I love writing, sharing my opinions, and engaging in discussions about important social topics. This will be fun.”
Sebastian Miguel Cartoonist
Sebastian Miguel
“It has been really fun working for the Mesa Legend creating artwork and growing as an artist. But the most inspiration that I get is from those that I work alongside with on the paper.”
cartoon or Michelle Chance Features Editor
Michelle Chance
Features Editor
“After two years at the Mesa Legend, it is a bittersweet feeling to know that this is my last semester here. However, this experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my dreams. I am ready
cartoon Kian Hagerman Copy Editor
Kian Hagerman
Copy Editor
“Working at the Mesa Legend is a fun experience. We always find time to laugh and enjoy the time we spend working on the paper. I look forward to another semester of good times.”
cartoon of Aaron Bartlett Sports Editor
Aaron Bartlett
Sports Editor
“When I graduated from MCC I realized that my work with the Mesa Legend didn’t feel complete. So now attending both ASU and MCC, I have become the sports editor. I hope to give athletes a voice to show that they are just like the average student.”

















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