Mesa takes Cochise to overtime

Ryan McCullough

After being kept to their own side for the first half, the MCC women’s soccer team battled back to win a well deserved tie from Cochise College. Five minutes into the game, Kayla Davis of Cochise got a shot off from the left side of the field that found the back of the net. Alysha Joyner, MCC goal keeper, had the shot slip right past her.

With five minutes left in the half, Davis got off a lofty on-target shot. This time, Joyner was on guard and blocked it.

Sadie Rothwell got a breakaway with three minutes left in the first half, but couldn’t get the shot off in time. Karina Suetsugu, Cochise goalie, slid into the ball to send Rothwell rolling in the grass.

MCC faired far better in the second half.

Five minutes in, Andrea Duke got off a cross that was, unfortunately, off target.

Cochise came right back with a goal from Tatiana Garay.

MCC still had plenty of fight left in them though.

Rothwell got another breakaway. This time though, Rothwell hesitated and missed her chance to score.

Cochise’s Davis came back on the scene with 34 minutes of regular time left to score another goal.

At this point in the game, Duke took charge. Using fancy to footwork to fake out the Suetsugu, Duke put a point up for MCC.

Three minutes later, Duke did it again. With a shot outside the 18 yard box.

Before the end of regular time, Duke managed another goal.

After both over-times, the game was still undecided.

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