Misconceptions of Mental Illness

Active shooters victimize gun ownership, simultaniously terrorizing the public eye, while the media exploits murderers as mentally ill that does not support fact-based motives.


Individuals diagnosed with a mental disorder are not inherently violent. Yet, public opinion misconceives their of mental illness in relation to gun violence. Columbine, Jacksonville, and Parkland Florida shootings have created a chain of solidifying the myth without considering other causations.


According to Health in America, Mentally ill people are seven times more likely to be victims of gun violence than the average citizen.The study gets broken down to specifics, alcohol, drug abuse, and police related attacks are far more associated with mental health issues.


“Most people with mental illness are simply not violent,” Heidi-Christa Adams said.


“Mad Man” shootings are explained as the result of victims associates or the public in emotional distress reacting to the mass shooting.

Serial Killers are depicted as psychopaths because their nefarious actions are not understood by the average individual. The idea of having an answer to unfathomable actions is seldom reassuring to mourners.


Chairperson of the counseling department, Heidi-Christa Adams says, “Many times because of the stereotypes, they don’t even come out and say what they all have to deal with, except in a counselor’s office,” Adams said.


Credible organizations, such as the NRA, promote mental illness with gun violence, who is to say their information not valuable over many other sources that presume differently.


“We have many individuals that are dealing with all kinds of mental illness that are absolutely never violent and my opinion…they are courageous folks,” Adams said.


One mass shooting does not write the story for the rest of them. These vicious attacks continue at alarming rates and focus should be pointed towards anger management and case-by-case initiatives. Gun violence is a worldly issue needing advocation for mental wellness.

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