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Hailing from the island of Hawaii, Pepper has become a hit among college students nationwide, especially here in Arizona.
Their overall success has been on a constant rise from their debut album “Give ‘n it” to their most recent “Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations.” The boys of Pepper wrapped up 2009 with their “Back in the Trenches Tour” and have started off 2010 by recording their newest album which is set to be out by summer.How does Pepper keep it fresh?
“I made the analogy last night; correct me if I’m wrong. We have been married to each other for the last, I’m not going to date us, but for a very long time. So in order for us to keep it exciting, we come out with role playing, as you will. We have to role play to keep us excited,” said guitarist Kaleo Wassman.

What has you coming back to AZ?
“I think the reason why we come back is because we actually started to play a lot of Arizona when we first moved from Hawaii. I don’t think people really know this,” said Wassman.
“We played the Big Fish Pub about 100 times, thanks to Donny Johnson. Everyone is so cool and this doesn’t happen everywhere. Arizona goes off, they love it, they are supportive of our music and we never look back,” said bassist Bret Bollinger.
“We have deep roots here in Arizona so we like to make sure that they are constantly getting attention, we love it here. One of our earlier bands that we ever met when we moved here was Authority Zero who we fell in love with. It was an instant ‘bromance’,” said drummer Yesod Williams.

Last summer you guys went overseas to play in Japan. What was that like?
“Japan was more welcoming then a lot of places that we have been to as well as the culture. That was our first time being there. There were about 200-250 people a show, but as far as that being our first time there, I mean we are only doing those numbers now in our own headlining gig in places that we have been four or five times. We actually had a sold out show in Japan. The energy was great and we had a good time. It was an important summer for us to get out of the country for the first time ever. We were not present in the states this summer at all which was really unique and a first for the band,” said Wassman.
Back in the Trenches Tour, what was that like?
“We spent all summer overseas out of the trenches. We came back and played in smaller venues and smaller towns across the states, places that we have never played before. Places like Billings, New York, no I mean Montana,” said Bollinger.

So, Pepper owns LAW Records. What’s new and poppin with the record label?
“Iration’s album will be out in February or March. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but there might be a band from your local town that is interested in signing with LAW Records. I’m not naming any names but definitely something from “A.Z.” might have fun with us,” said Williams.

The last time we spoke was at Fall Frenzy, and word on the street was that a new album was on the way. What’s the status?
“Funny you ask, it’s actually the first day in the studio for us. We’re in San Diego laying down the first of what is the new Pepper album,” said Williams.

That’s good to hear that new music is on the way. Anything you want to share with fans?
“There’s about 16 tracks on the table, and we’re going to put only the best of the best on the album, aka what the peeps want to hear! We are shooting for a summer release,” said Williams.

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