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Music Corner

Iliana Deanda

Hawaii’s own Iration recently released their third album “Time Bomb,” following their 2007 album “No Time to Rest.” Iration includes elements of reggae and rock mixed with keyboard and synthesizer, which sets them apart from most artists.

With reggae-rock music gaining popularity, it’s no wonder that this band is contributing to that style of music, making it very promising.

There is no doubt that this album will catch listeners’ ears. With songs like “Time Bomb” or “Let Me Inside,” many will find themselves singing along randomly, always brining them back to that catchy tune.

Listeners can incorporate the music into their everyday activities like working out, studying, or tuning out the world.

Iration’s album is intended to reach a broader group of listeners. With the band being on LAW records, Pepper’s own record label, Iration shouldn’t have a problem gaining popularity quickly.

The band has incorporated a creative drive along with passionate lyrics throughout the entire album, not to mention their natural talent.

“Time Bomb” is currently number four on iTunes in the top reggae album list. That in itself says a lot about the band and their continuous rise to success.

I recommend this album to anyone who likes this style of music or anyone who is down to sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Iration’s album is only surpassed by their live shows; you get what you pay for and then some.

Iration will be performing at the Clubhouse in Tempe on April 25.

For ticket information visit

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