Musica Nova Orchestra Special Preformance

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Musica Nova Orchestra
(Photos: Arnulfo Hernandez / Mesa Legend)

The Musica Nova Orchestra (MNO) had a special performance featuring the talents of three aspiring talents in classical music.  The musical ensemble played the pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  The mission of the Musica Nova Orchestra is to play new, neglected, and traditional music, introduce the finest new artists, and give the greatest musical experience possible.  This mindset serves the orchestra well because they are able to raise the amount of musical awareness in our community.

According to statement published on the Musica Nova Orchestra’s official web site, “We don’t play the same classical “greatest hits” you can hear anywhere; we do tell the stories behind the music to entertain and inform everyone from long-time classical music lovers to those attending their first concert.” This focus on more unknown music is part of spreading musical culture to all those who will hear it. Educating and helping our local community is only part of the mission of the orchestra.

Musica Nova Orchestra Special PreformanceAnother side to the MNO mission is helping young talents reach their potential. Their most recent concert is a testament to that. On Feb. 19 Musica Nova Orchestra hosted an event featuring the talents of Joy Pan, Lan Qiu, and Jessica Zhang with Harmony Project-Phoenix Ensemble performing the opening act. Joy Pan and Lan Qiu played a violin duet to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Double Concerto in C minor. Jessica Zhang on the other hand played the little known piano concerto written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Each one of these artist have a unique story behind them as well. For example Jessica Zhang is only 14 years old. She is just a freshmen attending a local high school in Tempe.  Zhang has been studying the piano with Mrs Hong Zhu since she was five years old. Now after nine years of continuous practice she was able to perform at this high level. The Musica Nova Orchestra will have various performances throughout the month of March.

The next being on the fifth of March. This upcoming concert will be a flute ensemble featuring pianist Jeremy Peterman. Admission to thier event is completely free, but people are invited to donate.  Everyone is encouraged to come down to Scottsdale Presbyterian Church and enjoy this musical expedition.

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