New coordinator gives MCC’s recycling program a boost

Bianca Nalder

MCC is doing everything they can to make the school a more environmentally safe and clean place. With the new Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Suzanne Dodt, MCC has a chance at becoming more eco-friendly. “One of the most important aspects of anything we do is to make sure the information is shared,” Dodt said. “The improvements we make shouldn’t end when someone leaves the parking lot. MCC has pledged to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in order to move toward climate neutrality.”

MCC and Dodt are teaming up to improve upon the recycling program that is already in place, expanding the scope of items that are being recycled, implementing sustainable ideas into various projects that are already being planned with clubs, and reaching out to academic departments in order to incorporate sustainable ideas into curriculum.

One way students can get involved is to participate in the upcoming 4th annual dumpster dive at 8 a.m. to noon on Friday, Nov. 13 which will be held in the lawn area north of the south parking lot and theatre building.

The dumpster dive is an event sponsored by students, employees, and other community volunteers.

They will audit campus waste that is collected onto the lawn over a 24-hour period and then volunteers with separate, tally, and study the waste.

The dumpster dive is a way for people to see how much trash is created in one day and it’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved and help in some way.

“Space we have in limited.we only have one livable planet and we need to protect it,” Dodt said.

There are tons of opportunities for people to become more recycling savvy. By going to the MCC web site and reading all the information they have provided will help people become more informed about recycling.

The Web site offers the Do’s and Don’ts of what to recycle and what items can go in which bins.

There are also classes offered by MCC to help increase their enviromental students and to teach them how to be more eco-friendly.

Students can become fans on Facebook and Twitter to also get awareness of the impact people can do to help.

Recycling shouldn’t stop when someone leaves school, they should also implement this habit in everyday life.

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