Not ‘obsessed’ with Beyonce

Marisa Roper

From director Steve Shill comes the new drama-thriller “Obsessed” staring Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter.But movie goers who weren’t into the 2002 flick “Swimfan” shouldn’t waste their time on this played out ‘crazy girl’ routine.

“Obsessed” is about a temp worker (Larter) who becomes fixated on a successful asset manager (Elba) and can’t seem to get it through her head that there’s nothing between them.

From the get-go she’s crazed for this man and becomes highly delusional about their relationship, keeping a journal filled with events that never even happened.

Her lies are jeopardizing to Derek’s (Elba) job and his family.

Unlucky for him, his history of hook-ups among office coworkers puts a damper on his claim to innocence.

Funny enough, it seems that the fascination with this man comes from both women in his life.

Elba’s wife in the film, played by Beyonce Knowles, comes across as the jealous wife that any man would dread getting caught up with, though her suspicious ways eventually die down and she adopts a don’t-mess-with-my-family approach.

Unfortunately, her awful acting skills were unconvincing at best.

There is about a 10-minute catfight between both women that guys may go crazy for, but in all honesty it was cheesy.

The film’s reach for comedic relief at that point was useless.

Time after time, Larter’s character stalks her dream man and gets shot down.

All 5 million times.

Though Elba and Larter have fine performances, Beyonce’s performance was typical of Hollywood crossovers who feel the need to get the best of both worlds: mediocre.

So, unless you’re ready for another predictable product of Hollywood, shoot for something a little more time-worthy.

Overall rating: C

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