Out-of-box experiences beneficial

photo Kian HagermanLife is a serious affair, and must be approached as the precious thing that it is. Appreciating one’s life also means enjoying it; especially important in one’s youth, pursuing activities that are fresh, fun and challenging adds depth to the experience. As one grows older, things like rock climbing or training for long-distance running become increasingly further out of reach. Not only does the body break down eventually, but obligations to work and family can consume the majority of time in people’s lives.  College students can already see when their career will be a major factor in how they live their lives approaching on the horizon, and it is easy to surrender to a rote schedule of studying, working to pay bills and the occasional gathering with friends. It would be a tragic decision to do so, as the college years can be the prime of one’s life.

It can be an overwhelming feeling, as the obligations of transitioning into the life of an adult require that people be more engaged in the course of their life. Parents slowly nudge their children from the nest, doing what they can to help them fly on their own. Becoming engulfed by the many aspects of self-sufficient life is all too easy, but one should not forget to take the time to appreciate just how wondrous the sliver of space in the universe one occupies between test cram sessions.  Instructors can prepare one for the many disciplines they specialize in, lend inspiration that motivates students, but the search for fulfillment and adventure in life will more often than not only be initiated by the individual. There is a world of incalculable possibilities to explore, and the vigor of youth is the best tool one has to survey it.

The alluring light of the television can be difficult to ignore; the easy access of entertainment available to the modern consumer can swiftly lead to a paradox of choice. With a wide array of methods one can employ to amuse oneself, the couch can be a paralyzing place, where one can delve into a fantasy life projected into the living room. That is merely the illusion of a life well spent, following the intrigues of imaginary nobles in places that don’t exist. Although entertainment has it’s place as an escape from the realities of life, letting it encompass all one’s free time does one a disservice. Getting stuck in one of the many ruts in life can happen, and the comfort of complacency can keep one there. Making an effort to be daring lead to some of the greatest moments one will ever have.

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