Participating in creative hobbies have rewarding results

Kian Hagerman
Mesa Legend

Whenever I am watching a favorite show or playing a video game, often I wonder how much I could be getting done if I was involving myself in a creative pursuit instead. When one finishes writing a story or poem, they can hold the tangible results of their time and effort, and share it with the world Wasting time by binging Netflix can entertain endlessly, and I do not advocate for abandoning those sorts of activities entirely. Life offers much that one can endeavor to master, and with such short lifespans, I fear that we can too easily fall into a rut.

Coming home and turning on the television and not pressing the power button again until bedtime, can entrance viewers for hours. Entertainment is valuable, taking our minds off the troubles of the world for a while, but moderation is key. Otherwise it can quickly devolve into a waste of all of one’s personal time. Finding things to do that are enjoyable, and also creative gives an outlet for the energies of the mind that might not be expended in the work day. When we are tasked with menial labor of one sort or another, switching off our brains can help make time pass more quickly, in order to reach that moment when we punch out.

Once free to pursue our own interests, much like going to the gym and hitting a heavy bag can release the tension of the day, writing a poem or painting can do the same for the mind. Sharing the fruits of our labor can also feel gratifying, especially if those efforts are received with appreciation. Seeing someone nod along to a song that you have spent days crafting brings a sort of joy that one might not find in the daily grind of their job. Creative hobbies can also be pursued as possible sources of income, should one become skilled enough in the particular methods involved in whatever craft they choose to focus on.

Mastery only comes with a significant amount of time for most people, but finding one’s voice and unique style does not need to take quite so long. Results can come surprisingly fast if one is dedicated to learning from those that have come before. Standing on the shoulders of giants gives one a superior perspective. Pablo Picasso is quoted to have said: “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Blazing a trail is how new trends are set, but even new trails tend to branch off established roads. Whatever creative choices you make, they will be your own in the end.

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