A look at the simulation lab during a birth simulation lab on April 12, 2023. (Photo by Jordan Bell)

Program spotlight: Nursing

Students who see themselves as hard workers who want to help people in need will find that the Nursing Program at Mesa Community College prepares them to excel as a nurse. 

The nursing profession is one that can take a lot of hard work and dedication to get into. There are many types of certifications needed to be admitted as a nurse, on top of earning a degree 

 Not only are you learning what are the best ways to take care of people who are sick and injured, but you constantly need to be able to adapt to the ever changing world of medicine.

Being a nurse, or practically any job in the medical field for that matter, can be considered one of the harder jobs to take on. The nursing program at MCC aims to help students obtain that goal.

Diana Breed is the chairperson of the Nursing department at MCC and also helps run the simulation labs in the Health and Wellness building.

“Before even applying to the program, There are certain prerequisites you must complete in order to submit your application. Once that’s complete, and you are able to hit your application on the mark, you’ll go through four blocks, or a four semester structure on your path to obtaining the degree,” said Breed.

Breed was sure to note that one of the most important, yet undervalued, skills which students should look to develop is communication.

“If you’re not understanding the material, you’re going to want to reach out for help. Some students reach out late into the semester and that doesn’t go as well. If we can catch it early, we want to be able to help you. The faster you reach out about understanding a concept, the better,” stated Breed.

Students taking on the work this course demands may feel a sense of unease. With all of the time away from home, the heavy workload, and the stresses that come with taking care of people, it may feel quite intimidating. 

Breed agreed, noting how the profession has gone through a “transition” so to speak, and because of that, they need to be able to support and prepare their students as much as they can.

“The more we can help them be ready, the better the program will go for them,” noted Breed.

One of more interesting things the program has to offer in order to prepare students for caring for patients is a massive state of the art simulation lab.

The simulation lab, found in the Health and Wellness building on the Southern and Dobson campus, provides students the opportunity to get hands-on experience without the risk of potentially hurting someone while they learn.

There are many unique tools in the simulation lab which allow students to work with mannequins that act as potential patients. There is even a lab able to simulate childbirth every 30 minutes. 

Students wanting a fulfilling career taking care of people, those who are dedicated hard workers, and those who have an interest in medicine in general will find the nursing program at MCCe does more than enough to set them up for success.

 For those interested in beginning their career in nursing at MCC, contact Diana Breed via her email. You can also visit the program’s webpage at: https://www.mesacc.edu/departments/nursing/advising-information


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